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Don’t Leave Money On The Table: Pay Care Legally

Kyla Dewar | Mon Apr 22 2019

10 Tips for Professional Housekeepers

Kyla Dewar | Mon Apr 22 2019

New Caregiver Immigration Programs Coming to Canada

Kyla Dewar | Mon Apr 22 2019

Pets in the Office: Pros and Cons

Kyla Dewar | Mon Apr 22 2019

The Age of Internet and Elder Care

Kyla Dewar | Mon Apr 22 2019


What Is a Nanny Share? Everything You Need to Know

Martha Scully | Fri Oct 19 2018


Ramparts - Open Source Information Detection

Careguide Team | Fri Jan 12 2018

CareGuide is happy to introduce Ramparts, an open source information detection Ruby gem that parses obfuscated emails and phone numbers within blocks of text.


My Experience As A Software Engineering Intern At CareGuide

Careguide Team | Tue Sep 19 2017

As I will be choosing once again between hundreds of job postings next term, I don’t quite know what the future holds for me. I can only hope that I will find a company that treats their interns as well as CareGuide does, and that allows me to make use of the many skills I was able to develop here in the last year.


Child Care Advantage is at Home with CareGuide

Lacey West | Sat Jun 04 2016

After much hard work and dedication, we are pleased to announce the official integration of Child Care Advantage to the CareGuide family!


The CareGuide Team Loves Their Pets!

Careguide Team | Thu May 19 2016

The CareGuide team loves more than the 2 legged human cuties! Pets are a constant source of entertainment, companionship, and comedy.