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We Have An Awesome Team

Meet our growing team based in downtown Toronto.

John Philip Green

Chief Executive Dad

Ali Dinani

Chief Operating Officer

Jenn Fitzsimmons

VP of People

Ken Scott

Chief Financial Officer

Mitch Ambig

Customer Success Specialist

Kyla Dewar

Customer Success Specialist

Peter Hua

User Communications Lead

Jessica Okorn

Assistant Manager of Customer Success

Sonia Kimpton

Senior Product Designer

Emir Hasanbegovic

VP, Engineering

Yuriy Bilogub

Senior Software Engineer

Prabhleen Kamboj

Software Engineer Intern

Saumya Gupta

Software Engineer Intern

Jyothsna Mallavarapu

Team Lead, Engineering

Joel Parikh

Software Engineer Intern

Roman Tymchyk

Principal Software Engineer

Tahir Wasim

Software Engineer

Thom Lamb

Intermediate Engineer

Lana Shcherbachenko

Senior Accountant

Katheleen Eva

Email Marketing Lead

Zain Khan

Senior Performance Marketing Lead

Spencer Tao

Marketing Intern

Ahmet Kul

SEO Lead

Anna Teplooukhova

Office Manager

David Cheung

Payroll Administrator

Yusuf Hassan

Payroll Administrator

Trisha Heathcote

Director, Payroll Operations

Maria Nguyen

Payroll Administrator

Kaitlyn Goodall

US Payroll Lead

Lacey West

Senior Accounts Manager

Shannon Auster-Weiss

Product Manager

Deb Dey

Product Manager

Amin Bashi

Director, Product



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