CareGuide’s Story

CareGuide was born by addressing an unmet need for quick, simple, and safe places to find care online. The rest is history!

Caring Beginnings

Once upon a time, a regular dad turned his honest needs into a humble dream...

The story begins ordinarily. John Philip Green was a new father, first-time homeowner, and the son of an ill parent, overwhelmed by his family’s growing needs. When he sought to hire help, he quickly discovered the challenges people face everyday trying to find care.

There was no shortage of qualified and willing caregivers. Rather, there lacked a simple and safe way for people like John and caregivers to connect. John imagined a solution where conversations could easily begin between those who seek, and those who provide care. This is how CareGuide was born; creating unique, problem-focused, online marketplaces dedicated to finding all kinds of care.

With the support of entrepreneur Jesse Rasch and his investment company, Hedgewood, CareGuide grew into a one-of-a-kind, domain name portfolio across all care-related verticals. From pet-owners to homeowners, parents to children, our thriving communities help all kinds of people find all kinds of care in a way that is always dignified, simple, and safe.

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A Care-for-All Philosophy

We believe in helping everyone find the best care, while also championing the incredible caregiving professionals that do this difficult but necessary work.


CareGuide founded; launched with,,,, and
2015 acquired; tripling revenue
Launched, the largest household payroll provider in Canada
Acquired and used as launching pad for
Raised $6 million Series A

A Team that Cares

The CareGuide team consists of homeowners, pet lovers, moms, dads, grandparents, daughters, and sons so we get it. We know how important it is to find impeccable care for your loved ones quickly and safely. We also appreciate the need for our caregivers to find work in a dignified and efficient manner.

Chief Executive Dad

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Operating Officer

VP, Engineering

Director, Payroll Operations

General Manager


Believing in a company is one thing, investing in it is another. Our investors make our mission possible. With over 60 notable investors, we are proud to have the most robust investor group in Canada.
Our Investor Group
500 Startups, Aaron Dufall, Alex Black, Alex Conconi, Alkarim Nasser, Allen Lau, Ameet Shah, Andrew D'Souza, Andrew Peek, Andrew Wilkinson, Apostolos Apostolakis, Benjamin Yoskovitz, Bernie Li, Bill Singleton, Brett Patrontasch, Brian Sharwood, Cameron Yuill, Chris Arsenault, Christine Aylward, Colin Jang, Corby Fine, Daniel Debow, Dave Arnsdorf, Dave Johnson, Dave McClure, David Hamilton, Derek Szeto, Devon Galloway, Dharmesh Shah, Eric LeBlanc, Eva Lau, Farid Kassam, Frank Barbieri, Garage Capital, George Babu, Hashem Aboulhosn, Heather Payne, Hedgewood, iNovia Capital, Jevon McDonald, Jesse Rasch, Jillian Manus, Jim Murphy, Jim Pitkow, Jonas Brandon, Jonathan Gabay, Karamdeep Nijjar, Katherine Hague, LP Maurice, Mark MacLeod, Matt Mastracci, Michael Litt, Mike Greenfield, Mike McCauley, Mike Silagadze, Mike Walsh, Patrick Hankinson, Qaid Damji, Rahul Parmar, Ramesh Haridas, Rasool Rayani, Rob Laidlaw, Roy Pereira, Ryan Holmes, Satish Kanwar, Structure Capital, Ted Graham, Tim Lett, Tom Newbold, Tom Predovic, Tom Williams, and Vikas Taneja.
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