CareGuide Investors

CareGuide is supported by an outstanding group of angel investors and seed funds. Nearly all of our investors are successful entrepreneurs themselves. With over 60 notable investors, we have the most robust investor group ever collated in Canada; the best of any startup anywhere!

Why They Support CareGuide

“John is one of Canada's brightest entrepreneurs. When you combine that with a great foundation like CareGuide, I'm excited about what will happen.”

– Matt Mastracci (StumbleUpon, acq. eBay), Feb 25, 2015

“Continue to be super impressed by John and his work! Excited to see where he takes things with the new funding.”

– Mike McCauley (BufferBox CEO, acq. Google), Sep 24, 2014

“I'm impressed w/ what John has built so far + excited to see CareGuide grow and build the product, especially on mobile.”

– Dave Johnson (Nitobi CEO, acq. Adobe), Sep 24, 2014

“John is an incredibly impressive operator. He's doing things with marketplaces that few others can do. Very excited about what's ahead.”

– Tom Williams (BetterCompany CEO), Sep 24, 2014

“A great entrepreneur with a proven track record of building products, teams and companies. He’s bootstrapped CareGuide to amazing traction and is showing phenomenal growth on a proven model.”

– Daniel Debow (Rypple CEO, acq. Salesforce), Jul 25th, 2014

“John Philip Green is one of the most compelling founders I've met. He's incredibly consistent with results - I learn from him. We've been in since the first round and are doubling down on this deal. Happy to provide more insight to anyone interested.”

– Michael Litt (Vidyard CEO, $25M funding, E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year), Feb 25, 2015

“John and team have built a real growth engine. I'm continually impressed with what they've been able to accomplish!”

– Ameet Shah (Five Mobile CEO, acq. Zynga), Sep 24, 2014

“Excited to see how CareGuide is going to grow. All the right things are in place – great code, great design, traction & impressive investors.”

– Brian Sharwood (HomeStars President), Sep 24, 2014

“Revenue & startups are rarely found in the same room. Except at CareGuide. John's resourcefulness & focus on fundamentals always impresses.”

– George Babu (Stealth AI/Robotics Co.), Sep 24, 2014

"The innovation in the way in which Careguide raised their investment is superseded only by the innovation in the platform, which is changing the way in which consumers find quality and trusted service providers online."

– Corby Fine, (VP of Customer Experience Strategy at Rogers Communications), April 1, 2015

“Like JPG a lot, and am following-on here.”

– Ryan Holmes (HootSuite CEO, raised $285M), Jan 21, 2015

“John has secured some of the best distribution channels & the best investors. A testament to John's overall character & business acumen.”

– Patrick Hankinson (Compilr CEO, acq. Lynda), Sep 24, 2014

“I'm a fan also investor. It's nice to see some cdn startups thinking outside the box on growth. JPG and Jesse have a really solid plan. I'm in for this round as well.”

– Jevon MacDonald (GoInstant CEO, acq. Salesforce), Jan 21, 2015

“John built an amazing, revenue-generating business almost singlehandedly and now he's getting set to expand quickly and aggressively.”

– Benjamin Yoskovitz (GoInstant VP, acq. Salesforce), Sep 24, 2014

“John is one of those rare, complete founders with a deep understanding of technology and distribution. He has achieved a ton in a short time. Can't wait to see what he does with more money.”

– Mark MacLeod (FreshBooks CFO, Real Ventures), Aug 7, 2014

Our Investor Group

500 Startups, Aaron Dufall, Alex Black, Alex Conconi, Alkarim Nasser, Allen Lau, Ameet Shah, Andrew D'Souza, Andrew Peek, Andrew Wilkinson, Apostolos Apostolakis, Benjamin Yoskovitz, Bernie Li, Bill Singleton, Brett Patrontasch, Brian Sharwood, Cameron Yuill, Chris Arsenault, Christine Aylward, Colin Jang, Corby Fine, Daniel Debow, Dave Arnsdorf, Dave Johnson, Dave McClure, David Hamilton, Derek Szeto, Devon Galloway, Dharmesh Shah, Eric LeBlanc, Eva Lau, Farid Kassam, Frank Barbieri, Garage Capital, George Babu, Hashem Aboulhosn, Heather Payne, Hedgewood, iNovia Capital, Jevon McDonald, Jesse Rasch, Jillian Manus, Jim Murphy, Jim Pitkow, Jonas Brandon, Jonathan Gabay, Karamdeep Nijjar, Katherine Hague, LP Maurice, Mark MacLeod, Matt Mastracci, Michael Litt, Mike Greenfield, Mike McCauley, Mike Silagadze, Mike Walsh, Patrick Hankinson, Qaid Damji, Rahul Parmar, Ramesh Haridas, Rasool Rayani, Rob Laidlaw, Roy Pereira, Ryan Holmes, Satish Kanwar, Structure Capital, Ted Graham, Tim Lett, Tom Newbold, Tom Predovic, Tom Williams, and Vikas Taneja.