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Don’t Leave Money On The Table: Pay Care Legally

If you've ever needed care for your child, an ageing parent, or just a pair of extra hands around the house, hiring help is likely an option you've considered. Without the time or energy to dedicate to these tasks, hiring a caregiver becomes the go-to option for many families. However, if you do choose to hire a caregiver, remember to keep in mind that from the moment you bring someone into your home, you become an employer. And like any employer, you must abide by specific rules for paying employees, to ensure you are compliant with both labour and tax laws. Legal Pay Benefits You Though it may seem easier to pay "under the table," by writing a check, paying in cash, or sending an e-transfer, there are cons for both you, and your caregiver, that you should be aware of. These cons are especially evident when employing care for your child. If your child's caregiver is only part-time, and you don't process their payroll and taxes properly, you are unable to use the costs ...
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10 Tips for Professional Housekeepers

Being a great cleaner is one thing, but running a business is an entirely different beast. Just because you are good at cleaning doesn’t necessarily mean you can apply those skills to running a business. If you are serious about building a cleaning business, the first thing you need to do is start thinking like an owner. It’s essential that you approach your housekeeping business from a business owner’s perspective and develop your business acumen. Whether you are just starting out, looking to add a client or two, are expanding your service offerings, or simply taking your housekeeping services to the next level, the following tips will help you on a sure path to growth. Tips for Building Your Housekeeping Empire 1. Clean like it’s your own home The quality of cleaning you provide will have a significant impact on your ability to improve customer satisfaction, get referrals, and develop a reputation in the industry. Whether you are doing a simple cleaning job or offering a...
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New Caregiver Immigration Programs Coming to Canada

For a long time, the world has recognized Canada as a country that welcomes and embraces immigrants from across the globe. As a country that takes pride in diversity, it’s fitting that the federal government is set to provide two new five-year pilot programs to help caregivers from outside of Canada use their work experience to make Canada their permanent home. Under previous programs, the eligibility criteria proved quite confusing, which unfortunately left many caregivers to realize they would not qualify for permanent residency in Canada based on their experience. Based on feedback from caregivers and those interested in joining immigration programs in the future, the federal government has announced that the new pilots will ensure applicants are assessed for eligibility before beginning work in Canada. These programs will further provide caregivers with more opportunity to change jobs after coming to Canada, as well as eliminate previous barriers that prevented their fami...
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Pets in the Office: Pros and Cons

Pets can become a significant part of people's lives if they have one, and many companies are starting to take notice. When it comes to office policies, many businesses are beginning to consider pets as part of the package. Companies both big and small are starting to find themselves in a situation where they have to explicitly state what their policy is on pets, especially as it becomes a bigger and more significant topic of conversation in the business world. Whether you like animals or not, saying yay or nay to your employer's furry companions is not necessarily quite so cut and dry. Some may say home life shouldn't follow you to the office, while others might say, "the more, the merrier!" Regardless of personal opinions though, allowing pets into the office affects more than just the pet owner, or the office managers responsible for making these decisions. Allowing pets in the office has the potential to affect everyone -- both positively and negatively -- which is why th...
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The Age of Internet and Elder Care

In today's day and age, technology rules the world. There's hardly a person out there who doesn't have some electronic gadget on them at all times, helping them meet the demands of day-to-day life. It's become the norm! But when you stop to think about it, society’s shift towards being so technology-centric has been a relatively recent change. The World Wide Web as we know it was only invented in the early '90s, meaning the most recent generations actually grew up during the big boom of technology. Many people alive today spent their formative years with little to no technology, making it harder for them to understand the data-driven world we live in now- and nearly impossible to catch up with the near-daily advancements that come with it. So you may ask then, why create a website for the elderly to find caretakers such as The answer is simple. Though we understand the technical limitations of our ageing population, we also recognize that more often than not it...
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