Curious About Engineering?

CareGuide is a family of online marketplaces for local services. We pair families and individuals with great care providers.

We're committed to providing excellent care services for everyone.

What We Do

We run a family of websites – communities helping each other. Be it a nanny looking for a new job, or a family searching for care for their elderly parent; our thriving communities rely on our stable and responsive web application to find the best matches. Help build world-class systems for supporting jobs seekers and service providers across vertically integrated communities in the care economy.

Our Tech Stack

The core of our technology uses Ruby on Rails, serving at peak thousands of requests per second. A big part of our users need search to work well, so we've invested in a flexible and capable search backend powered by Solr. Our frontend is React. The app runs in Amazon's cloud, with orchestration of server infrastructure handled ably by Puppet. When evaluating adding to our technology stack, we prefer boring technology, spending our energy working on the bigger problems such as distribution, growth, and engagement.

Check out our Stack here

Our Culture

Our engineers work independently on projects, taking ownership from ideation through development and testing, to deployment and monitoring. For us, coding is a craft. We take inspiration from such companies as Etsy and Spotify. We experiment often, and learn from our mistakes without placing blame. Our engineers are given a wide breadth of autonomy. Learning and sharing skills is paramount. Given we are still a small team, we all have a significant role in guiding the future and direction of our communities.

Our Office

We have a beautiful office located in Downtown Toronto, on Spadina Ave, between Richmond and Adelaide. Bright, natural light floods our days. Caffeine from an espresso machine helps fuel our code. Sometimes there are rambunctious dogs that hang out.

Who We’re Looking For

  • Smart, and gets things done
  • You'll get to learn from seasoned engineers and business operators
  • Join a small team where you will have a big presence disrupting large, complacent players

Want to Join CareGuide?

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