Welcoming Alyssa to CareGuide

Welcoming Alyssa to CareGuide

The CareGuide team just keeps on growing! We’re excited to announce that last month we welcomed Alyssa Atkins to the CareGuide Family to lead our marketing efforts.

Alyssa joins our team from the University of Windsor, and as a graduate of The Next 36, Canada’s leading entrepreneurship institute at the University of Toronto.

Alyssa has a background in business and entrepreneurship, and she’s spent most of her career in start-ups, including having run a couple of her own. She also knows a thing or two about sales and marketing. Needless to say, we’re very excited to welcome her to the team.

In classic CareGuide fashion, we asked Alyssa a few questions to get to know her a little better.

Why Did You Choose Your Chosen Field of Study?

When I started university I went into Criminology thinking I wanted to become a lawyer. After my second year of school I started a window cleaning company that I ran through the summers (I didn’t even know people cleaned their windows before that point). After the first summer of running my own business, I knew that entrepreneurship and business was where my talent and passion lay.

What is your Focus?

I’m focused on growth – using both marketing and our own product to increase users and engagement across all of our sites. I’m especially focused on growth for our new payroll service; this one will be a game-changer.

Why CareGuide?

CareGuide was started by some brilliant people and is going to grow into a massive company over the next few years. CareGuide has been quite unconventional in its growth strategies which really intrigued me, and I’m thrilled to be part of such a forward-thinking company that marches to its own drum. I equate the experience to being an early employee at Facebook or LinkedIn.

Tech Item You Can’t Live Without?

Mailbox — I’m obsessed with inbox zero.

Album You Can’t Get Enough Of?

Arctic Monkeys - AM

Last Trip You Took?

Last trip was to Fort Myers, FL to visit my grandmother. I got a taste of retired life, and I’m looking forward to it. More exciting is the next trip I’m taking, which is to Thailand! First time in Asia, and will be visiting Bangkok and Koh Chang.