HeartPayroll: A New Chapter

HeartPayroll: A New Chapter


Our primary business at CareGuide is matching families with the care they need. In the case of matching a family with a full-time care provider, like a nanny or elder caregiver, the household becomes an employer for the first time. Most families don’t realize all that is involved, but the household now has the same responsibilities any business would for its employees.

In Canada, for starters, the family must register with the CRA and WSIB/WCB in their province. The family is also legally required to issue pay stubs with every payment, and must produce a yearly T4. There are also laws around statutory holidays, accrued vacation, and other employment law matters to contend with.

The CRA levies heavy fines to employers who do not follow all the rules. Families that deal with all this by themselves spend a lot of time and effort to get it right. Yet, even the most meticulous families often end up facing fines for the slightest transgressions.

A Solution Emerges From the Clouds

HeartPayroll is our solution to address all of the payroll and tax needs for households. (Currently only available to Canadian families.)

We have provided a Nanny Payroll & Tax Service as part of for over two years. It started out as a side feature, but now hundreds of families entrust the administration of their household’s payroll to our team of experts.

We have now taken the service out from under the brand by launching HeartPayroll as a free-standing service. is the #1 way to find a nanny in Canada, but families sometimes find their nannies in other ways. Regardless of how a family finds its caregiver, they will still need a payroll service.

We are thrilled to open up our payroll service to all Canadian families with a household caregiver, no matter where they find their nanny. HeartPayroll also goes beyond nannies into payroll solutions for adult care and other household employment scenarios.

And CareGuide Saw That it Was Good

In fact, upon the launch of HeartPayroll we have already created deep partnerships with many of the country’s top nanny and senior care placement agencies, whose clients will benefit from this partnership with access to HeartPayroll services.

As both our care matchmaking service and partnerships with placement agencies continue to expand, so too will HeartPayroll as the most logical next step for families who have found a nanny or care provider.

If your family employs a nanny or caregiver, sign up with HeartPayroll to make your life easier and avoid hefty fines!

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