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In addition to building a robust caregiving marketplace, CareGuide regularly acquires established care-related businesses, including payroll services and domain names. CareGuide is particularly interested in acquiring operating businesses, websites, payroll companies, and domain names in (child care, home care, pet care, elder care).

Why Sell Your Business?

Unlock Value

After years of hard work, you may want to build another venture, or simply desire to retire and enjoy the reward for all the effort you've invested thus far.

Explore Opportunities

CareGuide has provided owners who have lost passion for their subject matter the opportunity to explore new interests. Having CareGuide as a partner ensures your business continues to flourish in capable hands.

Manage Growth

Companies acquired by CareGuide have benefitted from our advanced technology infrastructure and strategic approach to marketing, which otherwise require significant investment.

Why CareGuide

CareGuide provides business owners with a unique opportunity that is unlike traditional options by offering a compelling combination of advanced technology, marketing resources, financial flexibility, and management expertise to ensure the continued success of the business you've made your life’s work.

CareGuide’s team is comprised of successful entrepreneurs, engineers, and business leaders who understand owners’ unique needs when making a transition.

Working with CareGuide, sellers can expect:

  • Complete confidentiality
  • Commitment to integrity
  • Owner involvement
  • Business continuity
  • Experienced team

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